arl, with a k

by Karl Shouler


I’m Karl. I live in Philadelphia, and this is where I write.

In 2000, I was in the ninth grade, and this site began as a mediocre journal — when broadband started hitting our homes, my group of friends posted about our feelings while downloading off Napster from dusk ‘til dawn. We were pretty cool. Since then, it has evolved into a place I work through ideas related to software, post songs I record, and share photos I make. Writing well has always been important to me, and though arl has seen various incarnations throughout its life, it has always been a platform for me to improve.

I’m currently a Software Engineer at Curalate, working on web and mobile app features in AngularJS and Scala.

Outside of work, I write music on guitar and piano — in the summer of 2011 I released my first record, Wild Green Life. I’m is also a member of the St. Augustine Chamber Choir out of St. Augustine Church in Old City, Philadelphia.

If you’d like to get in touch, find me on twitter.