Karl Shouler

Today in Wisconsin

Firstly, I made an interesting discovery walking into the office this morning. The address for our building is 222 West Washington Avenue, and I noticed that binary numbers frosted into the glass on the front door were in the following pattern: 11011110… 222 in base 10! It was an exciting moment in my world. I’ve calmed down now, but expect me to mention it next time I see you. Who? You.

The Villanova guys and I went to this lounge/bar thing on Tuesday night. It was a brand new place… nice and chill environment. Weatherwise, it was an absolutely beautiful night out, so Dan, Scott and I rode our bikes their. Sean treated us to drinks, which was quite nice. I met some people from around the Madison area, mostly in their mid-late 20s. It’s interesting learning about what people do and the paths they took to arrive at where they are in life now. I often find myself admiring the good decisions people make, not for their good fortune, but for the foresight they had to take a chance. I’d like people to think of me similarly one day. I’m still at work however, so I should get back to my c0d3. Dave Matthews at Alpine Valley in 1 week point 5! ‘tis going to be an outrageously bouncin’ good time. I hope all is well with everyone… talk to you soon. Karl out.