Karl Shouler

Some Old Tunes and a Song About Snow

Firstly, as an fyi, I uploaded most of my old recordings last night. These include the fabled “College Demo Sessions” from way back in high school. I was young then, so go easy on me–two jazz tunes, and two classical pieces.. consume at your own risk. The entire process of putting that demo together undoubtedly planted the right ideas in my head about what I might enjoy down the road. I learned some basic things one doesn’t usually consider going into their first recording experience. The most frustrating of these, is knowing you have a stellar grip on a tune you’re going to record, and when the mic goes in the piano and the red button is pressed, you tense up. It’s crazy–especially if there’s no one else around, but it happens. I’ve learned that piping up the environment to make you feel like a rock star goes a long way–incense/candles lit, dim those lights, stand up, put on the big headphones, and seep it all into the mic.

I’m just about done with a song I’ve been working on for a few weeks. I’d really kill for another verse though, so I’m going to try and make that happen over the next few days. Unfortunately, I’ve been at a loss for inspiration, and have found it difficult to write a song titled “There’ll Be Snow” when it’s been all spring fling this past week. With any luck, we’ll be back to the romance of freezing rain and glassy roads in no time.

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