Karl Shouler

Support Students Run Philly Style and Win a Song

Through some stroke of luck, my experience last year at the annual Broad Sreet Run has encouraged me to do it again this May. This year though, I’ll be running in Support of Students Run Philly Style, a program that gets students from the Philadelphia School District out for a group run every week to reach a goal of running both Broad Street and the full or half marathon in November. Pretty impressive. You know what I was doing in middle school? Living vicariously through how fast Sonic could fly through those loops on my Sega Genesis.

That all said, we can only have nice things if we pay for them, and there’s a cost to support a program like this and its leaders. My super-cool girlfriend is mentoring a group of the kiddos, and I can’t quite describe how great a thing this is for kids to get involved with.

If you think you might like to dig into your couch cushions a bit, I hope you’ll consider supporting my run this year.

Now, to make this interesting, anyone that donates will be included in a raffle to have a song written by yours truly about whatever they like. Anything goes. Need a last minute birthday jam for your Mom.. perfect. Always yearned to hear a song about a world run by militant penguins? Let’s do it. I’ll draw the winner on race day, and in the days after we can discuss your ideas before I write and record your tune.

You can check out my donation page for all the infos.

Take care.