Karl Shouler

#threesixtyphive - the First Week

Two weeks ago I started a photo project called threesixtyphive where I’m taking one image a day for a year. To be honest, other than being a convenient tool to build a body of work around, I’m not sure what the purpose of doing this is yet. At the least, it’ll be a good challenge committing to shooting each day (the cold has made this a rough week to start). At the very best, I hope to capture some great images in Philadelphia and wherever else I might be over the next 12 months.

If this is something you’re interested in keeping track of, you can visit the page I’m hosting it and sign up to get a digest of each week’s images (no spam, just one message per week). I’ll also post daily to instagram and flickr.

Looking forward to sharing with you.

Day 1, captured 2/8/2015. A bit of an anomaly at 20th and Chestnut. If you ever get pinned with a moving violation at this intersection, refer the Phila PD to this photo. hey

Day 2, captured 2/9/2015. High risk of slip and fall on the way home from screening the Oscar nominated animated shorts last Monday. (Turns out Feast took home the trophy!) hey

Day 3, captured 5:23pm, 2/10/2015. My daily train home tends to be full of these photogenic views of the skyline — especially when golden hour crosses to blue hour. hey

Day 4, 2/11/2015. One of about 6000 shots I could have taken of the walls inside Tattooed Mom during an Art Museum Fundraiser. hey

Day 5, 2/12/2015. I received some flack on reddit for my title “Cold War Philadelphia” — the pedants are surely correct in calling out the oversimplification. Still stands that this apartment building could be found in the Eastern Bloc. hey

Day 6, 2/13/2015. A portal. 12 Degrees, walking home — came upon a passage to the unknown. hey

Day 7, 2/14/2015. My Snowy Valentine. After The Districts, took a second out in the subzero streets at 2am before calling it a night. hey