Karl Shouler

#threesixtyphive - the First Week

Two weeks ago I started a photo project called threesixtyphive where I’m taking one image a day for a year. To be honest, other than being a convenient tool to build a body of work around, I’m not sure what the purpose of doing this is yet. At the least, it’ll be a good challenge committing to shooting each day (the cold has made this a rough week to start). At the very best, I hope to capture some great images in Philadelphia and wherever else I might be over the next 12 months.

If this is something you’re interested in keeping track of, you can visit the page I’m hosting it and sign up to get a digest of each week’s images (no spam, just one message per week). I’ll also post daily to instagram and flickr.

Looking forward to sharing with you.

Day 1, captured 2/8/2015. A bit of an anomaly at 20th and Chestnut. If you ever get pinned with a moving violation at this intersection, refer the Phila PD to this photo. hey

Day 2, captured 2/9/2015. High risk of slip and fall on the way home from screening the Oscar nominated animated shorts last Monday. (Turns out Feast took home the trophy!) hey

Day 3, captured 5:23pm, 2/10/2015. My daily train home tends to be full of these photogenic views of the skyline — especially when golden hour crosses to blue hour. hey

Day 4, 2/11/2015. One of about 6000 shots I could have taken of the walls inside Tattooed Mom during an Art Museum Fundraiser. hey

Day 5, 2/12/2015. I received some flack on reddit for my title “Cold War Philadelphia” — the pedants are surely correct in calling out the oversimplification. Still stands that this apartment building could be found in the Eastern Bloc. hey

Day 6, 2/13/2015. A portal. 12 Degrees, walking home — came upon a passage to the unknown. hey

Day 7, 2/14/2015. My Snowy Valentine. After The Districts, took a second out in the subzero streets at 2am before calling it a night. hey

Experimenting With Motion

Achieve this effect by leaving the shutter open for a bit — ¼ sec in this case — while tracking a moving object. Ambient light really makes shots like this.

A Thrill of Hope

On December 6th, the St. Augustine Chamber Choir hosted our annual concert to prepare for Christmas. Today, the entire show is available to stream and download (mp3, 114 MB).

A Quick Retreat From the Noise.

Philadelphia is a great place to be on the weekend — one of my prized Saturday and Sunday activities is wandering the streets for no other reason than the act itself. It has become a practice in slowing down.

ang fishtown

This past weekend though, Angela and I escaped, 3 hours northwest of the city for a more typical break from the noise. I enjoy what you could call “comfortable nature” — which looks something like: trees, rivers, stars, house, bed, electricity, coffee.. see the pattern? There’s a time and place for hitting the woods and setting up camp (which I’ve never really experienced as a true outdoorsman knows it), but this trip called for less of the survival details, and all of the relaxing ones.


Airbnb has proved the preferred alternative for just about all of our lodging needs over the past three years. Compared to a typical hotel room, my past Airbnb accomodations have been: in more interesting and desirable locations, larger, more unique, and cheaper. Great. I was able to find a house entirely too big for the two of us with 10 days’ notice on the Susquehanna River for $130/night.

Well, not directly on it. More like 15 feet from the back deck to the riverside.


Though my switch to T-mobile last April has been a struggle for the few times I venture outside a metropolitan area, I couldn’t help but tout the lack of reception as a feature this time around. Emails and text messages slipped through the tiny cellular pipe here and there, but modern levels of data usage were welcomely unobtainable.

Without television or other electronic entertainment, I had no choice but to be present, to read without the buzz of a device. I found myself falling tired earlier. Sleep came with the darkness, and my rise with the sunlight. There was a daily layer of dense fog in the mornings over the water — a glass field for the fisherman to glide and wait.

morningriver1 morningriver2

There’s something to be said for the quiet. Today, I wouldn’t trade my city apartment for anything, but having regular access to some clandestine enclave of serene feels necessary for keeping an inner stasis. The people around me who have cabins or beach houses in their family share stories of frequent, quick getaways to their secluded spaces. You can hear the neural rest in their voices. For now, ad hoc trips like this one get it done. My hope is through writing this, and happening upon it every so often, I’ll be reminded to put more of these short trips on the books.