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There are a ton of tools out there for finding sunrise, sunset, golden hour, etc. for a particular day in a particular spot on earth. The Golden Hour Calculator being the one I frequented.

None of these tools are great at quickly exposing the one time range for so many photographers love most — golden hour. So was born whenisgoldenhour.com. The site will do its best to grab the city you’re standing in, and display the start and end time of golden hour for the current day. That’s it.



Update: After posting the link to reddit, some useful improvements I might include:
– Use 24hr time for users outside US
– Toggle for morning golden hour

Dat Phl Sunset.

A couple shots out to the west. That’s the the new Comcast building in-progress to the south. Shot with the x100s.

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Last week, Angela and I spent a little more than a week in Guatemala with M.I.L.E.. Our time there was spent getting to know the local people around Lake Atitlan — we helped out on some projects at a school and hospital, and had the opportunity to play a few Christmas shows for the kiddos.

Here are some images from the trip:

(The full set can be found at https://www.kshopho.com/guatemala-2015/)

Vulcan Lake Atitlan On the lake Painting Our transportation for the week Show at Hospitalito Atitlán Vulcan Toliman Antigua Ninos

Discover the Railyard

This coming First Friday, June 5th (from 6-10pm), I’ll be sharing a collection of images hosted by Gravy Studio in Fishtown. Over the past nine months I’ve spent time wandering the space that winds above the Callowhill neighborhood — attempting to capture how we know it today.

Soon, the Reading Viaduct will no longer exist in the form it has for over twenty years, and we should celebrate that existence while looking forward to the coming improvement. We’re going to see change from a space for urban art, exploration, and wondering “how do I even get up there?” to space the city will be proud to improve, maintain, and share with the masses.

Keep watch at @_ksho and @gravy_studio for updates.

Hope to see you there!


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#threesixtyphive - the Second Week

Welcome to week two of #threesixtyphive! This is your digest of images 8 through 14 — the full set can be seen anytime at kshopho.com/threesixtyphive. Enjoy!

Day 8, captured 2/15/2015. This firehouse in Old City, Phiadelphia, had a fire inside of it last year, and is back up and functional. hey

Day 9, captured 2/16/2015. The Ars Medendi, translated “the medical art,” is a piece outside Thomas Jefferson University Hospital at 11th and Walnut. The cylinder includes sections from the human genome code, names of rainforest plants, plus quotes from Louis Pasteur, Pavlov, Galen, and more. Read more from the Southwark Historical Society. hey

Day 10, captured 2/17/2015. Walking to the train after work in Conshohocken, PA. hey

Day 11, 2/18/2015. This is the Second Bank of the United States — which happens to be one block away from the First Bank :) hey

Day 12, 2/19/2015. Yikes.. third sunset shot in two weeks. The thing is, this time of year, the sky looks pretty incredible as the train approaches Philadelphia at the end of the day. I’ll commit to an embargo on sunsets for at least the next two weeks — they don’t get much better than this one anyway. hey

Day 13, 2/20/2015. Sage is a liquor made by Art In The Age in Old City, Philadelphia — a reliable substitute for gin, and sure to make your tongue glow. hey

Day 14, 2/21/2015. Angela, out in the snow. hey